domingo, 22 de enero de 2017


Emoji Messenger HUD only 25 L$ on Marketplace LIMITED TIME OFFER!!!

Welcome to Second Life's FIRST Emote HUD!
The Craze is on for this HIGHLY anticipated Emoji HUD! Enjoy the NEWEST Sensation! Emoji HUD Brings You a FUN and ENTERTAINING Way to Send Each Other TRUE Private Messages with a Animated Emote!
Using is SIMPLE!
Unpack the Box 
ADD Both Items To Your Avatar 
Have Someone Touch The Icon Above Your Head 
They Can Now Choose An Emote 
They Can Type Personalized Message 
Click Submit

The Message And Emote Will Appear Directly To Your HUD. You Can Touch The ICON Of Anyone To Send Them A Emote And Message :)
Note: The Person Sending The Emote And Message DOES NOT Have to Be Wearing The HUD OR Add-On,

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